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Power Query Blogs Hit 100 Not Out

31 October 2018

Who'd have thought? Our popular series on Power Query / Get & Transform hits a landmark this week - 100 not out!!

Customise Your Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel for Mac

25 October 2018

Slowly but surely, Excel for Mac comes into the light. Another step in the right direction has just been made with the advent of the ‘Customize Keyboard’ feature.

October 2018 Updates for Power BI Desktop

22 October 2018

Another month, another 21 updates. You can’t say you aren’t getting your money’s worth (given it’s free!).

Getting Arrays: Spilling the Beans on Seven New Functions

27 September 2018

September 24 is the day Excel moved on. Yes, we’ve had Power Pivot, Power Query / Get & Transform and Power BI, but Microsoft’s “CALC” team has been busy behind the scenes rearranging the furniture.

Excel Office 365 Performance Improvements – Phase 2

27 September 2018

Just under a year on from last year’s improvement frenzy, the Microsoft team have been going gangbusters at “Phase 2”.

New Ideas: Insights Re-Badged

27 September 2018

It’s finally gone “Generally Available” – Ideas, the Artist Formerly Known as “Insights” – is now introduced in Excel to Win32 and Mac, and is apparently coming to Excel Online soon too.

Introducing Power BI Home & Global Search

25 September 2018

The Power BI service has assisted businesses leverage data to solve problems, share insights and make informed decisions. Users often track multiple dashboards and reports to stay on top of all their data. However, as organisations grow, it can become...

Insert Data from Picture

25 September 2018

There’s another new feature now out – Insert Data from Picture – one of several new products to come out of Microsoft's recent advances in Artificial Intelligence.

New Data Types and FIELDVALUE Function Now Generally Available (Sort Of)

25 September 2018

We first mentioned this in May as a Preview feature, but now it’s being rolled out to all users of Excel in Office 365 (in the English language only) starting from late September.

Office 2019 Commercially Available Now

25 September 2018

Succeeding its “2016” counterpart, Microsoft Office 2019 was released for Windows 10 and on macOS on 24 September 2018.