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Office Scripts now Generally Available in Excel for the web

17 June 2021

Microsoft has recently announced that Office Scripts in Excel for the web is now Generally Available for all “eligible users”.

Import Data from Local Files using Power Query in Excel for Mac

20 May 2021

We are pleased to hear that there is new update to Power Query (PQ) in Excel for Mac – the ability to import data from local files, coming on the back of being able to refresh data from, er, about this time, last year. Tempus fugit indeed!

May 2021 Updates for Power BI

13 May 2021

This month’s updates include a new Preview of visual ToolTips, an ability to quickly create reports from SharePoint lists and an update on sensitivity labels so that they are now inherited “downstream”.

Recommended Files

9 May 2021

Microsoft Office now displays a list of recommended files on the File tab, or start page, of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on Windows. This list allows you to keep track of work around you and quickly access files with activity you value most such as edits, mentions, comments by people you interact with.

Larger File Size Upload Limits

1 May 2021

This has been around a while now, but has had little fanfare, so trumpets at the ready…

April 2021 Updates for Power BI

15 April 2021

April’s update includes a new preview for the Power Automate visual – but that’s not all.

Understanding Recursion

1 April 2021

Given the recent breakthroughs with LET

Unhide Multiple Sheets

30 March 2021

Talk about stirring up a hornet’s nest! After a gazillion years of asking Microsoft to do this, finally, the software giant has made Excel users lives just a little easier with the ability to unhide multiple hidden sheets at the same time.

Convert Word Documents to PowerPoint Presentations

20 March 2021

What!? Not Excel or Power BI!? I have to mention this piece of news, because this – if it works (caveat, caveat) – will be brilliant. With Office Insiders, you can now transform Word documents into PowerPoint presentations.

Show Changes Shows its Hand

20 March 2021

If you have grown up with Excel, you may have become mentally scarred over the years with Excel’s past (in)ability to share workbooks. Recently, Microsoft has revamped this in line with its priorities to emphasise accessibility and collaboration.