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March 2022 Updates for Excel for the Web

22 March 2022

It really seems that the Microsoft Excel team has got its programming claws well and truly into the interwobble version. Excel for the Web has had further improvements this month.

March 2022 Updates for Power BI

21 March 2022

This month’s updates see error bars for Line charts and dynamic format strings support for all chart elements, amongst other new features and Previews.

14 New Excel Functions

18 March 2022

Microsoft doesn’t want to do things by halves, does it? Yesterday saw the announcement of no less than 14 (!)new Excel functions designed to help manipulate text and arrays in your worksheets. If only we could find some that would massage the financial as well…

February 2022 Updates for Power BI

21 February 2022

…And so they are back! The raft of 2022 Power BI updates starts here, with a slew of new features, including new mobile formatting options, Dynamic M Query Parameters support for more data sources, deployment pipeline enhancements and improvements to downloading a...

Announcing LAMBDAs to Production and Advanced Formula Environment

10 February 2022

At last! LAMBDA and the LAMBDA helper functions are now Generally Available to anyone using Production: Current Channel builds of Excel. In conjunction with LAMBDA going to production, Microsoft has also announced the release of a new add-in, the Advanced Formula Environment, which allows simpler importing, exporting and authoring of named LAMBDAs.

New Features for Charting in Excel for the Web

9 February 2022

Until recently, Microsoft (and to be honest, end users too) saw Excel for the Web as a “consumption-based companion app to [the] desktop version” (to quote the software company). This meant that you were limited in viewing, creating and editing charts via this medium. However, it is beginning to improve, which both free and paying customers starting to see noticeable improvements.

AutoComplete for Dropdown Data Validation Lists in Excel for Windows

5 February 2022

Data Validation may be used to control what end users may input into a cell. This may be accessed by going to the Data tab of the Ribbon, then go to the Data Tools group and click the Data Validation icon.

New Conditional Formatting Experience in Excel for the Web

24 January 2022

There is a new side pane coming to Excel for the Web. Now, you may manage the rules whilst seeing the formatting result on the grid. All you have to do is hover the mouse pointer over a rule to see the range it refers to:

Excel 4.0 Macros Now Restricted by Default

21 January 2022

July last year saw the release of a new Excel Trust Center (sic) setting option to restrict the usage of Excel 4.0 (XLM) macros. From mid-January 2022, this has been made the default setting when opening Excel 4.0 (XLM) macros. This is to assist users in protecting themselves against related security threats.

New Features in Excel for the Web

19 December 2021

Microsoft decided to get busy before they broke up for the seasonal year-end break. Excel for the web benefitted immensely with a raft of new features / updates...