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Need a Copilot?

20 March 2023

Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 Copilot in mid-March. And it’s certainly whipped up a frenzy…

March 2023 Updates for Power BI

17 March 2023

In this latest release you’ll find On-object interaction, Multiple Audiences in the Power BI app, email subscriptions for scorecards and the General Availability of Storytelling in PowerPoint.

Power Query Editor Updates for Excel for Mac

1 March 2023

You can now author queries from local files, SharePoint, OData and various other sources with the Power Query Editor in Excel for Mac.

New Features for Excel February 2023

1 March 2023

February’s updates include the ability to manually sort row and column values in PivotTables to users of Excel for the web. For Insiders, users can also check out automatic recalculation optimisation – but that’s not all.

Import Data from Additional Data Sources using Power Query in Excel for Mac

17 February 2023

Power Query in Excel for Mac allows you to get and transform your data from various data sources. Up until now, importing data in Power Query in Excel for Mac was available only from Excel workbooks and Text / CSV files.

February 2023 Updates for Power BI

16 February 2023

This latest set of updates see TypeScript support added in the developer playground sandbox and several new formatting features amongst other tweaks.

New Excel Features for Excel January 2023

1 February 2023

The latest updates see the release of PivotTable ‘Show Details’ in Excel for the web and the ability to automate your tasks with the Power Automate tab in Excel for Windows and Mac. For Insiders users on Windows and Mac, you can try recording your worksheet actions using Office Scripts and checking your formula with the Value Preview ToolTip.

Value Preview ToolTips in Excel

27 January 2023

Microsoft has just added ToolTips to help you check your formulae directly in the Formula bar or in the cell you’re editing.

New Features for Excel December 2022

21 December 2022

The latest update sees the release of ‘Formula Suggestions’ and ‘Formula by Example’ for Excel web users: these are brand new capabilities designed to help save you time and learn more about Excel formulae as you use them. Also for web users are ‘Suggested Links’, the IMAGE function and a new Search bar in the Queries pane. For Windows users, a new keyboard shortcut is available to open the Power Query editor, and Insiders users on Windows can now get data from dynamic arrays and create nested Power Query data types to better organise your data.

Shortest Formula Challenge

20 December 2022

If our Final Friday Fix challenges don’t quite scratch your Excel itch, there are plenty of Excel challenges to be found out in the wild.