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Recent Text and Array Functions: an Update

22 June 2022

Microsoft has elected to “…enhance the signatures of the text functions…”.

New Features for Excel – June 2022

21 June 2022

Similar to the Power BI Updates, the Excel gang has commenced summarising recent updates in everyone’s favourite spreadsheeting software. We’ve no idea whether this will continue, but we thought we’d make hay whilst the sun shines and provide an overview of the features divulged across Excel for the web, Windows, Mac and mobile.

June 2022 Updates for Power BI

20 June 2022

The latest set of updates finally sees the General Availability of the new Format Pane, plus error bars and information protection updates, table navigation improvements, Connect to datamarts and Power BI Data Storytelling features. But, as always (and of course!), there’s more.

May 2022 Updates for Power BI

21 May 2022

This month’s highlights include the announcement of the General Availability of Canvas Zoom, more new Format pane updates and various new Preview features.

Power BI Known Issues Page

17 May 2022

To keep Power BI’s users more informed, Microsoft has recently launched a new Power BI Known Issues page...

Office Scripts Can Now Run on Windows via a Button

17 May 2022

The end of April has brought new automation tools to Excel Desktop – sort of.

Power Query Refresh is Now Generally Available for Selected Data Sources in Excel for the Web

17 May 2022

Power Query Refresh is now Generally Available in Excel for the web for queries sourcing data from the current workbook and anonymous OData feeds. Slowly but surely, the full Power Query capabilities are coming to the online variant of Excel!

Shaping Data with the Power Query Editor in Excel for Mac

17 May 2022

When Power Query was first released in Excel for Mac, there was hope that it wouldn’t take long for the features to mirror their Window counterparts. It’s taking time, but the capabilities are improving.

VBA Blocking

22 April 2022

Microsoft has recently upped its game with blocking macros. They argue that macro-based malware is on the rise and thus they are blocking macros from more and more external / third party locations. Protected mode seems insufficient.

April 2022 Updates for Power BI

18 April 2022

This month’s revisions include updates for the new Format pane and Power BI Goals, amongst other improvements / new features.