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Power Query: How Long Do We Have?

26 July 2017

In Excel(lent) Functions, I covered how to replicate some commonly used Excel functions. Readers will recall that although Power Query is an add-on for Excel, it does not always work in the same way....

A to Z of Excel Functions: the CLEAN Function

24 July 2017

Need to make a CLEAN getaway? This function removes all nonprintable characters from text. And I’m not talking about expletives...

Painting with Excel

21 July 2017

Today we learn how to make something happen when you click on a cell...

Power Query: Uniting Different Types

19 July 2017

Today we look at how to join columns of data when the data type does not match.

A to Z of Excel Functions: the CHOOSE Function

17 July 2017

Do you choose to use CHOOSE? This function uses index_num to return a value from the list of value arguments...

VBA blog series: Save the event!

14 July 2017

This month is Event month! Today, we’re going to be looking at how to set up events to trigger on saving a file.

I Just Want a Trim

12 July 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. Today I look at how the Trim function in Power Query works, and how to make it better

A to Z of Excel Functions: the CHITEST Function

10 July 2017

In probability theory and statistics, the chi-squared distribution (also chi-square or ?2-distribution) with k degrees of freedom is the distribution of a sum of the squares of k independent standard normal random variables

An Eventful Month Coming up!

7 July 2017

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to cover a range of Events - these are the actions that can trigger when something happens, such as opening a file, changing sheets, selecting certain cells, and so on.

Power Query: Splitting Up is Not so Hard to Do

5 July 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. Today I look at dividing a full name column into first and last names.