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SumProduct: Your Financial Modelling Experts

Modelling is a key component in all major business decisions.  Be it financial modelling, investment appraisal, decision support or what-if analysis, you need business models you can rely upon.  Just one modelling error has the potential to destroy significant business value and lead to incorrect actions being undertaken.
Therefore, it is important that key decisions are based on a model that is: Consistent, Robust, Flexible and Transparent - this is known as “CRaFT”Read More

We can help 

SumProduct can cater for all of your modelling needs, using some of the most experienced modellers available at highly competitive rates.  We audit, we build, we train, we support. 

Based in Australia, we have worked worldwide including; Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, UK, USA & Vietnam.
We have also worked in a variety of industries including; Accounting, Automotive, Education, Energy, Financial services, Government, IT, Manufacturing, Mining, Professional Services, Renewables, Retail & Training.

SumProduct is committed to providing face to face training and consulting where required, however we do have remote options:

  • Contactless consulting and assistance: we have been working remotely with clients all over the world for many years.  We can provide modelling and strategic services without meeting face to face, using Skype, Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting and other similar software products.  We cater for all your needs using real-time, internet connectivity, wherever you may be in the world
  • Simple cashflow modelling: the world is changing.  Businesses are seeing a drop-off in custom and short-term, forecasting models (such as 13-week, rolling, daily cashflow forecasts) are becoming an urgent requirement for all businesses, large or small.  We can help build simple bespoke Excel / Power BI forecasting tools which can analyse the impacts on your business and help you manage your cash flow before it manages you – simple, cheap solutions are possible
  • On-line training, virtual training and webinars: as more and more staff work from home, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that staff have the requisite skills to do their work with less physical supervision.  SumProduct has a wealth of on-line, interactive courses that cater for the individual, small / medium enterprises and large corporates.  We also offer virtual training courses, where staff can attend our usual physical training courses from their PC with full trainer support and webinars which provide live and pre-recorded presentations.  We can even design bespoke sessions for you and your colleagues
  • Discounted products and services: we know cashflow is king and businesses are struggling to survive.  We are cutting our prices on all training, consulting, modelling and auditing work.  If you need something, let us know.  Most of the content on our website is free.  Furthermore, we endeavour to assist as much as we can on a heavily discounted, value for money basis, so all businesses – ourselves included – can get through these dark times and come out the other side more informed, stronger and in a better position to take advantage of the possibilities that will inevitably arise.

If you want to find out more, drop us a line at  We have been trusted advisers and trainers for over 10 years at SumProduct, and for many more before that.  Here’s to another 10 years+ for all of us – from both a personal and a business perspective.

Tip of the Day

Excel Tip of the Day

Useful Functions: Count

When working with PivotTable data and similar, some numbers aren't really numbers - they're text pretending to be numbers. These can cause errors in financial analysis and data summaries. The COUNT function only counts values in a range, so the formula =1-COUNT(Reference) only flags cell values which aren't really values. Check out more here,

Useful Functions: Count Tip