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SumProduct: Financial Modelling, Excel & Power BI Experts

Capital investment, refinancing, project finance, banking, private equity, investment appraisal, valuation, M&A, strategy, taxation work, education or other decision analysis. 

No matter what the industrial sector, the political, budgetary and resource constraints, all critical analyses need consistent, robust, flexible and transparent modelling.

Need help developing or reviewing a model?

We are process matter experts

We can help you with all your business decisions, whether critical, strategic, tactical, operation or planning in nature. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we can develop quantitative and qualitative tools with you using Excel, financial modelling, Fabric, Power BI and others as required, and agreed.

Why partner with SumProduct?


With over 100 years’ experience in business and financial modelling development, consulting, auditing and training, our team can solve, advise and review the most complex of problems. Our team includes AI experts, seasoned programmers, experienced accountants, post-doctorate mathematicians and accredited experts in Excel, financial modelling and Power BI.


We have constructed more than 4,000 models using our CRaFT methodology (Consistency, Robustness, Flexibility and Transparency), reviewed over 1,000 models, trained over 500 companies (including some of our competitors) in 30+ specialist modelling / accounting / corporate finance / banking topics, and undertaken work in most industries and sectors in over 40 countries of the world.

Recognition and Awards 

Our team has received 19 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awards so far, the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for Financial Modelling (FMI) in 2021, and was recognised as one of three finalists for the Lifetime Achievement Award in Excel for 2023 (Global Excel Summit). SumProduct was a finalist for the Best Capability Development Program (AITD) in both 2022 and 2023.

Tailor your training with us.
Assess your team's capability against Best Practice in
financial modelling, Excel and Power BI.

Thought leadership

Publication of 10+ books, consultation / co-authoring of five different Best Practice modelling protocols,
circulation of over 4,000 articles on our website and the accounting / actuarial press.

Tip of the Day

Excel Tip of the Day

Useful Functions: And

Need to use less IF statements? Consider the logic function AND. AND(Expression1,Expression2,...) is only TRUE when all individual expressions are TRUE. Check out more here,

Useful Functions: And Tip