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LET Off the Leash

18 November 2020

March 2020 saw Microsoft announce a new Excel function, LET, for Office 365, albeit at the time of writing, only to the Insiders – now Beta – Channel. This allowed you to stop writing the same expressions time and time again in a formula or allowed portability of...

Power BI Anomaly Detection in Preview

16 November 2020

We know we have done it before with Smart narratives, but we think we have found another newsworthy item in this month’s Power BI updates. Not sure if doing this twice means it’s an anomaly though…

November 2020 Updates for Power BI

13 November 2020

There are no anomalies in this month's updates - none that we've detected...

Unhide Multiple Sheets

13 November 2020

We have all been here. You have an Excel file and you need to unhide some hidden sheets. There are a few of them, and you know it’s time to get Repetitive Strain Injury.

October 2020 Updates for Power BI

21 October 2020

There seems to be a bit of a theme to this month’s updates – it’s all about visuals...

Happy Spreadsheet Day!

17 October 2020

It was October 17, 1979 when VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program for personal computers, was released. To commemorate this “historic” event, fellow MVP Debra Dalgleish created Spreadsheet Day back in 2010 (so this is the 10th anniversary, so to speak). This...

Smart Narratives (Preview) Comes to Power BI

24 September 2020

We don’t normally make updates to Power BI news items, but we think this one is a worthy exception.

Power BI, Windows 7 and .NET Announcements

24 September 2020

It’s been almost nine months since support for Windows 7 ended (back on 14 January 2020). To be fair, Windows 7 has been around for more than 10 years, so perhaps it is time for us all to let it go and move on…

Auto-detecting Data Types

24 September 2020

Here’s a new one. As regular readers will know, Data Types such as Stocks and Geography have been available for a while, but many users simply aren’t aware of their existence. That’s about to change. Excel is going to get more bolshy and let users know when they...

September 2020 Updates for Power BI

24 September 2020

The Power BI updates have all come together... Plenty to get your teeth into this month including the highly anticipated Smart narratives.