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November 2023 Updates for Power BI

16 November 2023

There are some big breakthroughs in Fabric and Copilot in Power BI this month.  But that’s not all: there is the usual volume of updates alongside these key announcements too, including ‘DAX Query view’, semantic model scale-out and Advanced Filtering for Paginated Reports. 

The full list is as follows:


  • Button slicer in Preview
  • Reference labels in Preview
  • Enhance your Q&A visual with suggested synonyms from Copilot in Preview
  • On-object Interaction updates:
    •  ‘Always open in new pane’ setting
    • Resizing the data flyout
    • Table’s ‘Add’ button returns
    • New On-object default coming soon
  •  Azure Maps visual now aggregates multiple data points at the same location
  • Narrative visual with Copilot in Preview


  • Datasets renamed to semantic models
  • DAX query view to write and run DAX queries on your model in Preview
  • Edit your data model in the Power BI Service – updates:
    • Mark as a date table
    • Rename and delete tables and columns

Data connectivity

  •  Azure Resource Graph (new connector)
  • Profisee (connector update)
  • Bloomberg Enterprise Data and Analytics (connector update)
  • Dremio (connector update)
  • Celonis (connector update)


  • Explore in Preview
  • Copilot for Power BI in Microsoft Fabric in Preview
  • OneLake integration for Import-mode semantic models in Preview 
  • RLS / OLS security and stored credentials for Direct Lake semantic models in Preview
  • Sharable cloud connections for semantic models now Generally Available
  • Semantic model scale-out now Generally Available
  • Show visuals as tables in Preview
  •  Advanced Filtering for paginated reports


  • New visuals in AppSource
  • Zebra BI Tables 6.6: introducing text columns
  • Funnel Chart by Powerviz
  • Create interactive timelines with full control


  • Enhanced accessibility in paginated reports authored in Report Builder
  • Skill up on Fabric with the Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge
  • Dynamic dataset binding for paginated reports.

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