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Copilot for All (sort of...)

16 January 2024

As we have reported recently, Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool, Copilot, has been released into the wild, albeit for companies wishing to make a purchase for at least 300 users.  Even so, the software giant announced it had reached another milestone in trying to connect with the world with more than 5 billion chats and more than 5 billion images to date. 

Microsoft is starting to learn how people are using it.  Firstly, there is a set of Copilot power users including creators, researchers, programmers and others who want more rapid access to the very latest Microsoft has to offer.  Secondly, there is another group of Microsoft 365 users who wish to utlise it for personal use.

To help address those needs, Microsoft has just announced more options for power users, creators and anyone looking to take their Copilot experience to the next level.  This begins with the introduction of Copilot Pro, a new premium subscription for individuals that provides a higher tier of service for AI capabilities, brings Copilot AI capabilities to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers, and new capabilities, such as the ability to create Copilot GPTs.  Furthermore, they are also announcing the General Availability of their Copilot app for iOS and Android phones.  Finally, and arguably most importantly, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is to be brought to more commercial customers by expanding the availability to businesses of all sizes, including small- and medium-sized businesses, starting right now.

Copilot Pro is a new subscription that delivers the most advanced features and capabilities of Microsoft Copilot to individuals looking to obtain Copilot.  This software can assist with writing, coding, designing, researching or learning, as required.

Copilot Pro provides:

  • a single AI experience that runs across your devices, understanding your context on the web, on your PC, across your apps and soon on your phone
  • access to Copilot in Word, Excel (Preview only, just in English), PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on PC, Mac and iPad for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers
  • priority access to the very latest models, beginning with OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo
  •  enhanced AI image creation with Image Creator from Designer (formerly Bing Image Creator)
  • the ability to build your own Copilot GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a customised Copilot tailored for a specific topic – in the coming soon Copilot GPT Builder with just a simple set of prompts.

While Copilot Pro (priced at US$20 per month per user) is aimed at individuals, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is aimed at organisations.  Copilot for Microsoft 365 became Generally Available for enterprises in November, with 40% of the Fortune 100 participated in the Early Access Program.  However, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now available for organisations of all sizes — with no seat minimum.  About time!