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April 2018 Updates for Power BI Service and Mobile

21 April 2018

It’s not just the Desktop version of Power BI that keeps getting worked on. Microsoft has also rolled out the following new and improved features for Power Service and Mobile.

New Features, Functions and Performance in Excel for Mac Version 16

15 April 2018

Previewing the latest functions, features and improvements in performance as the strive to Office Code convergence continues.

The Excel Functions Translator

6 April 2018

The Excel Functions Translator is a new add-in that assists users utilise one of 15 localised versions of Excel by helping translate from the US Excel function names. It doesn’t stop at functions though – entire formulae may be translated!

April 2018 Updates for Power BI Desktop

5 April 2018

It seems to come around so quickly, doesn’t it?  Microsoft has just released its latest Power BI Desktop updates into the wild.  This month, on top of the usual visual and data connector improvements, there’s key features allowing users to interact with reports in...

New Data Types and FIELDVALUE Function

3 April 2018

There’s some exciting news for those using Excel 2016 on an Office 365 basis (i.e. not the “perpetual licence”).

Financial Modelling Brought to Book

2 April 2018

It may have gone quiet for a long time, but the SumProduct book Introduction to Financial Modelling is out in paperback this month!

Microsoft Translator

1 April 2018

Not just for Microsoft Excel, this latest update to the Office 365 "mainstream" collection sees users able to translate from one language to another in seconds.

Office 2019 Shock Announcement

1 April 2018

It seems almost impossible to believe, but Microsoft caught many unaware as they announced what users should expect in Office 2019.

Coming Soon to Power BI: Common Data Service (CDS) for Analytics

22 March 2018

Microsoft has announced a new capability coming to Power BI soon: the Common Data Service (CDS) for Analytics, which will reduce the complexity of driving business analytics across data from business apps and other sources.

March 2018 Updates for Power BI Service and Mobile

20 March 2018

There’s been new features added to Power BI Service and Mobile this month.