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November 2019 Updates for Power BI Desktop

15 November 2019

There were some major updates this time, including a new, modern Ribbon that aligns Power BI Desktop and a new visualisation tool: the decomposition tree.

Dynamic Arrays Becoming Generally Available

5 November 2019

It's finally starting! We said we thought there might be an announcement at Microsoft Ignite - and we were right! The long awaited roll-out of dynamic arrays starts now.

XLOOKUP Presents Moving Arguments

5 November 2019

It was only in late August 2019 that Microsoft added XLOOKUP to its lookup fold, and already it has had a makeover. Back in February, RANDARRAY became the first function ever to have a syntax change after release – and now XLOOKUP joins this elite group of two.

October 2019 Updates for Power BI Desktop

15 October 2019

The latest update provides improvements in several areas.  In the data preparation area, Microsoft has introduced query diagnostics, which allow you to see which queries are being run behind the scenes.  On the reporting side, real-time reporting has been improved,...

Financial Modelling Book Finally Available in US

11 October 2019

Thanks for being patient. SumProduct is proud to announce, in conjunction with Mr. Excel, An Introduction to Financial Modelling is now available directly in the United States.

Get & Transform (Power Query) in Excel for Mac: Phase 1

4 October 2019

Today, Microsoft has announced the first step towards full support for Power Query in Excel for Mac.

September 2019 Updates for Power BI Report Server

26 September 2019

It’s not every month that this comes out, but this release is packed with many reporting features to make up for the regularity of updates.

New Views for Power Query

25 September 2019

The Artist Formerly Known as Power Query – Get & Transform – is having a bit of a makeover, with some useful new features added to the View tab of the Power Query Editor, viz.

Dynamic Arrays: One Year On

24 September 2019

It’s 12 months since Microsoft rocked the calculation boat with its new range of dynamic array functions and features. Those of us lucky enough to get it in Excel Insider Fast raved incessantly. But what’s actually happened one year later..? We take a look.

August 2019 Updates for Power BI Service and Mobile

15 September 2019

One month we are going to sit here and write, “nope, nothing happened this month”. But it’s not going to be this month. There are still more updates for Power BI Mobile and Service.