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Global Excel Awards Lifetime Achievement Award Finalist

16 May 2023

SumProduct is pleased to announce that Liam Bastick has been made a finalist for the Global Excel Awards Lifetime Achievement Award.

Here is Liam’s modest response to the news:

I decided to see who the other nominees were for this great award - and they are no other than two of my (past) MVP peers and friends Bill Jelen and Bob Umlas.  I am happy to settle for the Bronze medal in this category!

Bill is no less than Mr Excel himself (that's his website) and I have learned a tremendous amount from him and his army of contributors over the years (so much so we used to name it "").  He is a great guy and very knowledgeable on all things Excel.

Bob is another legend of Excel.  I cannot believe he has not been nominated in the "Most Obscure Uses of Excel" category (he could fill that on his own with no disrespect to the worthy nominees therein).  Like Bill, he has written many books too.

I feel a bit of a fraud being placed in the same section as these two greats.  Therefore, I am not asking for anyone to vote for me;  I am asking you to vote for the awards themselves and pick your favourites.  There are some great (and well-known names) in all the categories including another buddy of mine, Leila Gharani, to name but one (her sense of humour is nearly as bad as mine!).

All of the nominees are champions of Excel.  Please "do your thing" and help to keep Excel on the map going forward.  Don't vote for me - vote for Excel.  And spread the word, let's have LOTS of votes for everybody!  Good luck one and all.  

Voting closes on 4th June 2023, and the winners will be announced on 19th June 2023.  You can vote here: