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Announcing Excel Virtually Global

1 June 2020

Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the “bleeding edge” and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies.

Office Insider / Beta Channel File Opening Issue Workaround

27 May 2020

Now I know not everyone uses Office 365 / Microsoft 365 / whatever it’s going to be called next week. And I know even fewer use the Insider / Beta channel. But just in case you do, there seems to be a problem for some of us (not everyone) with installing the latest Windows and Microsoft 365 updates.

Get Data From PDF

27 May 2020

For all the perennial whingeing we do about changes to Excel, Office and Windows, sometimes it’s just great to see new stuff emanate.

Free Three Way Integrated Financial Model (Excel)

26 May 2020

We know that everyone all over the world has been going through a fairly tough time with isolation and social distancing. We know how important it is to maintain these measures in order to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus.

May 2020 Updates for Power BI Desktop

20 May 2020

This month, the decomposition tree and drill through button actions are now both Generally Available, amongst the usual profusion of updates.

New Update Channels

15 May 2020

The recent announcements about Office 365 being renamed caused a little commotion, so I thought I would try and upset you all a little more…

COVID-19 Apps Available in Power BI

11 May 2020

You cannot take a step outside your front door before the world reminds you of the COVID-19 pandemic. As healthcare providers and local governments work to slow the spread of the virus and ultimately save lives, it’s critical that these organisations are equipped with accurate information in a timely manner. To help these organisations and individuals stay informed, several of Microsoft’s Power BI partners have created template apps tracking the COVID-19 pandemic, e.g.

Coming Soon: Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)

8 May 2020

When you connect to a Power BI dataset from Excel, that dataset's Sensitivity label will be inherited and applied to the Excel file.

Coming Soon: Power BI Datasets in Excel

8 May 2020

Earlier this week it was announced that Microsoft is introducing two new ways to access Power BI data from within Excel.

April 2020 Updates for Power BI Desktop

7 May 2020

You may have noticed the usual monthly Power BI Desktop updates have come out a little late. Well, they have finally arrived!