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Power Query Blogs

Power Query Blogs

Power Query: Bring it to the Table

4 October 2017

I like finding ways to save time. That’s why I get someone else to write this. So when I come across a method to create data quickly, then that makes me very happy. This particular method of creating data is ideal for those scenarios where I don’t want Excel users to change any values...

Power Query: Setting an Example

27 September 2017

The new feature ‘Column from Examples’ essentially pulls together a number of Power Query functions into one place, so it’s very user friendly.

Power Query: In Your Face(book)

20 September 2017

Whilst much of the data I deal with comes from workbooks and databases, it can be useful to pull in data from other sources. There are a number of sites traditionally associated with business, but social media sites like Facebook are becoming more accepted business channels due to their high usage and range of users...

Power Query: Custom Built Functions

13 September 2017

Last week, I looked at how to access and test the built-in Power Query functions. There are occasions, however, when I am repeatedly using the same logic, and I want to store it in a custom function of my own. Let’s take a look....

Power Query: a Function Function

6 September 2017

My blog comes of age this week as it hits the big 4-0! I am feeling quite empowered, so that gives me an idea! In M-Powered, I described how to get to a description of the functions that can be used in M code to manipulate data by accessing the Microsoft help pages. There is however another way to get to the functions. Let me show you....

Power Query: Null and Not Void

30 August 2017

In Pivotal Pivoting, I showed how easy it was to pivot columns. When I pivoted my expense code column to show the amounts for each expense code, I had a table with lots of null values in it, as shown below. I am going to use this table to show how I can sum columns where some values are null...

Power Query: Structured Columns Deconstructed

23 August 2017

In Power Query, explore the ‘Structured Column’ section on the ‘Transform’ tab, which is not available for most column types.

Power Query: Pivotal Pivoting

16 August 2017

Power Query’s ability to efficiently transform data allows one to pivot (and unpivot) data at the touch of a button.

Power Query: Passing Through Parameters

9 August 2017

Last week, in In Terms of Conditional Columns, I looked at how parameters were a possible source when defining conditional columns. This week, I take a closer look at parameter creation by using a parameter in a filter...

Power Query: in Terms of Conditional Columns.

2 August 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. Today I take a closer look at conditional columns...