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Power Query Blogs

Power Query Blogs

Power Query: in Terms of Conditional Columns.

2 August 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. Today I take a closer look at conditional columns...

Power Query: How Long Do We Have?

26 July 2017

In Excel(lent) Functions, I covered how to replicate some commonly used Excel functions. Readers will recall that although Power Query is an add-on for Excel, it does not always work in the same way....

Power Query: Uniting Different Types

19 July 2017

Today we look at how to join columns of data when the data type does not match.

Power Query: I Just Want a Trim

12 July 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. Today I look at how the Trim function in Power Query works, and how to make it better

Power Query: Splitting Up is Not so Hard to Do

5 July 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. Today I look at dividing a full name column into first and last names.

Power Query: Knowing Your Type is the Key

28 June 2017

When transforming data with Power Query, the most important skill is knowing where to start, and this week I look at one such scenario.

Power Query: Viewing Query Dependencies

21 June 2017

Workbooks which are built using multiple queries can become complex, and the Power Query Dependencies Viewer is a tool which allows an overview of how each query has been built.

Power Query: Start and End with Grouping

14 June 2017

For those following the series, my past blogs have often dipped into the expense accounts of my (fictional) salespeople. For today’s scenario, I will extract the start and end date of my employees’ expense period to show how easy it is when I use the grouping functionality in Power Query.

Power Query: Replace to Relocate – Simpler than Brexit

7 June 2017

Whilst I was creating data to use for my training and blogs on Power Query, I spent time manipulating my data in a Microsoft Access database. It is however possible to do much of this transforming in Power Query and today I will look at a simple example.

Power Query: Less Aggravating Aggregating

31 May 2017

Today I look at combining data from tables in Excel worksheets in other workbooks (again), with less steps thanks to the recent Combining Files improvements.