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Power Query Blogs

Power Query Blogs

Power Query: How Long Do We Have?

26 July 2017

In Excel(lent) Functions, I covered how to replicate some commonly used Excel functions. Readers will recall that although Power Query is an add-on for Excel, it does not always work in the same way....

Power Query: Uniting Different Types

19 July 2017

Today we look at how to join columns of data when the data type does not match.

Power Query: I Just Want a Trim

12 July 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. Today I look at how the Trim function in Power Query works, and how to make it better

Power Query: Splitting Up is Not so Hard to Do

5 July 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. Today I look at dividing a full name column into first and last names.

Power Query: Knowing Your Type is the Key

28 June 2017

When transforming data with Power Query, the most important skill is knowing where to start, and this week I look at one such scenario.

Power Query: Viewing Query Dependencies

21 June 2017

Workbooks which are built using multiple queries can become complex, and the Power Query Dependencies Viewer is a tool which allows an overview of how each query has been built.

Power Query: Start and End with Grouping

14 June 2017

For those following the series, my past blogs have often dipped into the expense accounts of my (fictional) salespeople. For today’s scenario, I will extract the start and end date of my employees’ expense period to show how easy it is when I use the grouping functionality in Power Query.

Power Query: Replace to Relocate – Simpler than Brexit

7 June 2017

Whilst I was creating data to use for my training and blogs on Power Query, I spent time manipulating my data in a Microsoft Access database. It is however possible to do much of this transforming in Power Query and today I will look at a simple example.

Power Query: Less Aggravating Aggregating

31 May 2017

Today I look at combining data from tables in Excel worksheets in other workbooks (again), with less steps thanks to the recent Combining Files improvements.

Power Query: Group and Conquer

17 May 2017

Grouping in Power Query is not intended to replace the excellent tools available in Excel spreadsheets to group and summarise data. Power Query’s talent is its ability to manipulate very large data sets, and it can be useful to group data before uploading to an Excel spreadsheet so that there are less rows to deal with...