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Microsoft Visio Data Visualizer Add-in for Excel

16 April 2020

The Microsoft Visio Data Visualizer add-in for Excel is a new way to create data-driven high-quality Visio flowcharts, cross-functional flowcharts and organisation(al) charts – all the shapes, connections and data linking – directly in Excel.

Office 365 To Be Renamed

12 April 2020

Office 365 is to be renamed Microsoft 365...

New Data Types and Smart Templates Coming to Excel

2 April 2020

New data types and templates are coming to Excel 365 to allow you to gather, organise and analyse your data more quickly and easily.

Free Excel Money

2 April 2020

Well there's a headline! Microsoft has announced there is now Money in Excel (alas, not literally).

Introduction to Financial Modelling Now Available on Kindle

1 April 2020

It has taken some time, but we got there in the end! An Introduction to Financial Modelling is finally available on Kindle.

Excel Office 365 To LET

18 March 2020

Today, we are going to talk about a brand new function in Excel Office 365.

Modern Filter Experience for Power BI - Important Reminder

12 March 2020

Just a friendly reminder... there's an an important update scheduled for Power BI Desktop in April 2020.

March 2020 Updates for Power BI Desktop

12 March 2020

The latest release sees new button actions, a multi-column sort for tables and plenty more!

February 2020 Survey

20 February 2020

Microsoft is presently looking for users who are - or continue - learning new things in Excel to complete a short (five minute) survey.  The Excel team is looking to continue to improve the "Excel experience".  Whether you are a novice, intermediate, advanced or...

February 2020 Updates for Power BI Desktop

19 February 2020

There were no published updates for January, but February came back with a bang.  The latest updates introduced incremental refresh for Power BI Pro and an hierarchical slicer.  Additionally, Microsoft added some improvements to the new Ribbon combined with several...