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Synchronise Forms Data to Excel

1 February 2024

The Forms data synchronisation to Excel (for the web) is now available in Microsoft Forms.  With just one click, you can now easily access all your form responses in Excel for the web and take advantage of Excel’s functions and features to analyse and visualise your data.  With automatic synchronisation of new responses in real-time, you can keep working on your existing spreadsheet as it updates.  There is no need to juggle multiple copies of the same file, making it easier than ever to stay on top of important data.

To activate, open any active form or quiz, go to the ‘Responses’ page and click ‘Open results in Excel’. 

This will automatically create an Excel worksheet in your OneDrive and take you to Excel for the web, where you'll see all your data in just a few seconds.  

In Excel, you can manipulate the data the way you want and leverage various tools to do further analysis, like sorting, filtering and inserting charts.

New responses will automatically synchronise when you open your Excel file for the web, allowing you to seamlessly continue your existing work.

With Forms, multiple classes can use one quiz, and the results will be synced to a single worksheet, eliminating the need for teachers to manually combine quiz results from different classes. The teacher can add a question for class identification and use the filter in Excel to easily distinguish one class from another.

Please note that Forms data synchronisation to Excel is currently only available in Excel for the web.  While you can still view your data with the desktop and mobile apps, new responses will not be automatically synchronised unless you are using Excel for the web.