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Version Aversion

10 August 2016

A question that keeps cropping up is the question, “What version of Excel do I have?” so we thought we ought to help out....

Buggin' Out #5: Corrupted Data Validation Drop Down Lists

9 August 2016

Spreadsheet users have noted that workbooks that have multiple sheets containing list-based Data Validation sometimes get corrupted or have a drop-down list which gets duplicated.

A to Z of Excel Functions: The ARABIC Function

8 August 2016

Now this is more like it. We finally get to one of those useful Excel functions you simply cannot live without...

Buggin' Out #4: HTML Files with .xls

7 August 2016

Users have reported that HTML files with .xls extensions are not opening outside Protected View in Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016.

Buggin' Out #3: Excel File Extensions Not Recognised

6 August 2016

Some users have reported that when you try to open an .xls or .xlsx file in Excel 2016, it does not recognise the file extension. Consequently, it is not opened as an Excel file and, worse, Excel may not appear in the list of applications to choose from.

How Not to Build a Financial Model – Part 2

5 August 2016

With bills to pay, mouths to feed and fun to have, in these uncertain times, it’s good to be in a steady job. What better way than to make yourself indispensable?

Buggin' Out #2: Opening Excel Files After Upgrading to Excel 2016

4 August 2016

Some users have experienced problems opening files due to file association errors after upgrading to Office 2016.

A to Z of Excel Functions: The AND Function

3 August 2016

My old English teacher said you should never start or finish a sentence with the word “and”. AND is one of several Excel logic functions (others include NOT, OR and XOR)...

Buggin' Out #1: Hyperlinks in Excel .xls Files

2 August 2016

Some users have discovered that old Excel 2003 / earlier (.xls) files containing hyperlinks open in Protected View after having been saved on a Windows 10 machine.

Monday Morning Mulling: July Challenge

1 August 2016

On the final Friday of each month, we set an Excel for you to puzzle over for the weekend. On the Monday, we publish one suggested solution...