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Power Query: Bring it to the Table

4 October 2017

I like finding ways to save time. That’s why I get someone else to write this. So when I come across a method to create data quickly, then that makes me very happy. This particular method of creating data is ideal for those scenarios where I don’t want Excel users to change any values...

Monday Morning Mulling: September 2017

2 October 2017

Last week we looked at three charts that pulled data from the same table, however, there was no easy way to format the y-axis on all three charts so that they all share the same range, without using a macro...

Final Friday Fix: September 2017 Challenge

29 September 2017

Near the end of the quarter we usually find ourselves creating quarterly reports and sending them off to head office. And that may cause issues...

Power Query: Setting an Example

27 September 2017

The new feature ‘Column from Examples’ essentially pulls together a number of Power Query functions into one place, so it’s very user friendly.

A to Z of Excel Functions: The CONFIDENCE Function

25 September 2017

Do you need more CONFIDENCE in your Excel files?...

A to Z of Excel Functions: The CONCATENATE Function

22 September 2017

IMPORTANT: In Excel 2016, Excel Mobile, and Excel Online, this function has been replaced with the CONCAT function (see the last functions blog). Although the CONCATENATE function is still available for backward compatibility, you should consider using CONCAT from now on.

Power Query: In Your Face(book)

20 September 2017

Whilst much of the data I deal with comes from workbooks and databases, it can be useful to pull in data from other sources. There are a number of sites traditionally associated with business, but social media sites like Facebook are becoming more accepted business channels due to their high usage and range of users...

A to Z of Excel Functions: The CONCAT Function

18 September 2017

More and more users are migrating to the Office 365 subscription model and with that comes great power, well Excel 2016 anyway. And some versions of Office 365 Excel 2016 are getting six new functions to play with. The roll-out started in late February 2016 and continues to this very day.

A to Z of Excel Functions: The COMPLEX Function

15 September 2017

Imagine this complex function. This function converts real and imaginary coefficients into a complex number of the form x + yi or x + yj, where i or j denotes the square root of -1....

Power Query: Custom Built Functions

13 September 2017

Last week, I looked at how to access and test the built-in Power Query functions. There are occasions, however, when I am repeatedly using the same logic, and I want to store it in a custom function of my own. Let’s take a look....