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VBA Blogs: At Least Once in Our Lives, Let’s 'Do' It!

6 April 2018

The second reason that Do…Loop is superior is that While Wend loops check for the condition prior to running – but with Do…Loop the condition can be checked at the end...

A to Z of Excel Functions: The DATEDIF Function

6 April 2018

Welcome back to our regular A to Z of Excel Functions blog. Today we look at the DATEDIF function.

Power BI Blog: Text isn't Limiting! - Part 5

5 April 2018

Last week using the US Historical Population Estimates we created our first DAX formula. Now we have categorised our data by decade, how can we focus the view on a specific decade?

Power Query: Zipping Through a List

4 April 2018

I have been looking at List functions in M language recently, and this one reminds me of my problems with null values in lists...

Power Pivot Principles: Tables, Fields and Measures

3 April 2018

Today let’s go over the syntax between a table, a field, and a measure.

Monday Morning Mulling: March 2018

2 April 2018

On the last Friday of each month we set an Excel puzzle for you to puzzle over the weekend. On the Monday, we publish a solution..

A to Z of Excel Functions: The DATE Function

2 April 2018

This function returns the sequential serial number that represents a particular date...

Poisson D'Avril

1 April 2018

Happy April's Fool Day! In France, it's called Poisson D'Avril and in honour we've released a new thought article.

Final Friday Fix: March Challenge 2018

30 March 2018

It’s that time again, the long weekend! That should give you plenty of time to solve our Final Friday Fix!

A to Z of Excel Functions: The CUMPRINC Function

30 March 2018

This function returns the cumulative principal repaid on a loan between a designated start_period and end_period given a constant periodic discount rate...