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Monday Morning Mulling: December Challenge

1 January 2018

December’s challenge was another deceptively simple question. All you needed to do was to create an in-cell list that provided only non-blank choices from two columns of data. Given our challenge specifically stated that VBA or “anything that appears on the ‘Developer’ tab on the Ribbon” should not be used (e.g. combo boxes), this really restricted us to creating a list using Excel’s Data Validation feature.

Final Friday Fix: December Challenge

29 December 2017

On the final Friday of each month, we’re going to set Excel for you to puzzle over so that you can get your “Excel fix”. Challenge your office colleagues to see who can solve the puzzle quickest. There’s no prizes at this stage, you’re playing for bragging rights only!

Power Query: Customising Custom Built Functions

27 December 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. This week I look at how to customise function descriptions by using M function meta-data.

Enjoy the Festive Season

25 December 2017

Enjoy the Festive Season and warm wishes for the holidays

A to Z of Excel Functions: The COUNTBLANK Function

25 December 2017

This function counts empty cells in a specified range of cells most of the time. It does lie occasionally.

VBA Blogs: Header-ache

22 December 2017

The sixth in a series about using ListObjects to manipulate Tables within an Excel workbook in VBA featuring the Headers Range.

Power Query: Powerless Pivot

20 December 2017

Power Query and Power Pivot work well together, however Power Query is not exclusive to Power Pivot though, as it may be used with ordinary PivotTables. There is a good reason for doing this too...

A to Z of Excel Functions: The COUNTA Function

18 December 2017

This is neither the Italian COUNT function nor an Excel calculator dedicated to tallying the number of times the letter “a” occurs in a spreadsheet...

VBA Blogs: DataBodyRange - New Frontier

15 December 2017

The fifth in a series about using ListObjects to manipulate Tables within an Excel workbook in VBA featuring DataBodyRange.

Power Query: Cleanse, Tone and Upload

13 December 2017

This week I look at combining several Power Query functions in order to standardise some incoming data...