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VBA Blogs: If I use VBA Then I get better at it!

24 March 2017

This week, we’re going to cover the use of the IF statement in VBA. This is a very useful tool to help apply conditional rules in macros...

Power Query: Taking (Away) Steps for Efficiency

22 March 2017

Welcome to our latest Power Query blog. Last time we looked at M language syntax in a simple query. Today I add some code to operate on each row in a table and show how bulky code can be simplified.

A to Z of Excel Functions: The CALL Function

20 March 2017

Look, before we go anywhere here, this function is for advanced users only. If you use the CALL function incorrectly, you might be looking for a new computer – well at best, you’ll have to restart your PC....

A to Z of Excel Functions: The BITXOR Function

17 March 2017

This function returns a bitwise ‘XOR’ of two numbers (XOR was first introduced in Excel 2013 and at the current rate of publishing these articles we should get to this one by 2044)...

Power Query: M-Body Personified

15 March 2017

In order to see some M language in action, I return once again to the query I created in Two (Queries) Become One.

A to Z of Excel Functions: The BITRSHIFT Function

13 March 2017

It’s time to find thee antidote to the recent BITLSHIFT function and you shouldn’t feel bitter (BITR?).

Power Query: Unlimited Importing of Non-Delimited Text Files

10 March 2017

As a programmer, I was often asked to produce delimited versions of reports which could easily be picked up by Excel. Whilst it is possible to clean non-delimited files in Excel, it’s a laborious and repetitive process, which is why it made more sense to pay for a programmer to automate it.

VBA Blogs: Updating your Status (Bar) in Excel

10 March 2017

Last week, we talked about putting a message box into your VBA code. This week, we’re going to look at another useful way of giving information back: the Status Bar.

Power Query: M-Powered

8 March 2017

Welcome to our new Power Query blog. The built-in functionality of Power Query means that many tasks can be accomplished at the press of a button. But what if there isn’t a button for what needs to be done? Then it’s time to delve into M, the programming language behind Power Query.

A to Z of Excel Functions: The BITOR Function

3 March 2017

’m starting to get used to these functions now, well a BIT anyway (get it?)...