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Power Bi Blog

Power Bi Blog

Power BI Blog: Excel-sior Part 2

22 February 2018

Welcome to Power BI Tips. Following on from last week, cleaning up the data using the Query Editor.

Power BI Blog: Excel-sior - Part 1

15 February 2018

Welcome to Power BI Tips. Today we're going to Get Data with an Excel file.

Power BI Blog: Get Data – Connecting to Different Data Sources

8 February 2018

Let’s start using Power BI. Power BI is a data visualisation tool so the first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to get some data into Power BI.

Power BI Blog: Which Power BI should I use?

1 February 2018

If you’re new to the Power BI ecosystem, it can be a bit confusing to understand what all the different parts are, not made easier by the way that Microsoft presents it on the website. Basically though, they can be broken down into two main categories – the software component and the payment component.

Power BI Blog: When should we use Power BI and when should we use Excel?

25 January 2018

This is a common question that we’re asked. If we already have Excel for reporting, and it’s currently getting the job done, why should we use Power BI? Or if we want to use Power BI, what processes should we switch over?

Power BI Blog: Excel vs. Power BI – when to use which?

18 January 2018

Welcome back to our new Power BI blog series! We’re going to look this week at the similarities and differences between the tools in Power BI and the equivalent in Excel.

Power BI Blog: Introduction to Power BI

11 January 2017

Welcome to the very first post in our new Power BI blog series! Power BI is a tool produced by Microsoft that is designed to assist people with creating business intelligence solutions