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March 2019 Updates for Power BI Service and Mobile

10 April 2019

It’s been busy in this arena for some time, and it shows no signs of abatement this month.

March 2019 Updates for Power BI Desktop

24 March 2019

March’s updates have recently come out and continue to improve the Filter pane and add to the DAX repertoire. But that’s not all.

Dynamic Arrays in Action

21 February 2019

…and another thing about Dynamic Arrays.

February 2019 Updates for Power BI Desktop

16 February 2019

February’s updates came out with a bang as the updates came out all guns blazing.

February 2019 Updates for Power BI Service and Mobile

16 February 2019

The New Year is well and truly underway, as Power BI Service and Mobile gets its second raft of updates for the year.

Excel 365 – Latest Improvements: February 2019 Update

8 February 2019

If you keep trying to decide whether to go for the latest and greatest Excel product (Excel 2019) or instead head for its Office 365 counterpart (colloquially known as “Excel 365”), here’s some sweeteners which might turn your head towards the latter.

New Improved RANDARRAY Function Coming Soon to Office 365 Excel

6 February 2019

It’s not yet Generally Available and Microsoft is already improving one of its new Dynamic Array functions. Welcome to the cooler, sleeker RANDARRAY function for Excel 365.

January 2019 Power BI Report Server Updates

24 January 2019

Latest update for Power BI Report Server. This release features copy and pasting between .pbix files, expand / collapse on matrix row headers, and row-level security support.

January 2019 Updates for Power BI Service and Mobile

24 January 2019

It’s been a while – but they’re back! There are some new Previews, rolled out new features, and improved existing functionality across Power BI Service and Power BI Mobile to see in the New Year.


Happy New Year 2019!

1 January 2019

Wherever you are in the world, however you may be celebrating, all of us here at SumProduct would like to extend the season’s greetings to you. Happy New Year!