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VBA Blogs

VBA Blogs: Digging Up

18 May 2018

Last week we ran into the SearchOrder parameter of the Find function. We knew that we could go right across the row or down the column. But what if we wanted to manipulate the direction of which we searched? Instead of going down the columns using xlByColumns what if we wanted to go up?

VBA Blogs: Looking Up and Down

11 May 2018

Last week we set the After parameter for the Find method to distinguish which cell we wanted to start from. But it defaulted to go across the row. It can be set in order to go down the columns first using the SearchOrder parameter.

VBA Blogs: After You

4 May 2018

Having stumbled upon the Find method last week, we’re going to lay fingers on some of the parameters. Last time we did the basic search looking for a simple string within a Range. Let’s go back to our worksheet last week: ...

VBA Blogs: Lost and Found

20 April 2018

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of data, but at times we want to find something in particular, be it a word, number or formula. The Find method in VBA can help us do that!

VBA Blogs: 'Do' it 'Until' You Believe

13 April 2018

Welcome back to the VBA Blog! Continuing on our series on the Do...Loop.

VBA Blogs: At Least Once in Our Lives, Let’s 'Do' It!

6 April 2018

The second reason that Do…Loop is superior is that While Wend loops check for the condition prior to running – but with Do…Loop the condition can be checked at the end...

VBA Blogs: 'Do' You Want To 'Exit'?

23 March 2018

Last week this blog While Wend-ed down a loopy path, but now it is time to find better things to Do. Converting While Wend loops to Do Loop syntax.

VBA Blogs: Wending down the hill Until you Do

16 March 2018

Last week we looked at For Each…Next loops – but this time let’s have a look at While Wend loops.

VBA Blogs: Getting Loopy Each Time

9 March 2018

Loops are a powerful tool in programming to repeat a sequence of instructions. But what if you want to perform an action to every object in a set?

VBA Blogs: Can't Row with a Column

16 February 2018

This is the twelfth blog in the series about using ListObjects to manipulate Tables within an Excel workbook in VBA. Today lets look at the unique properties of ListColumn.