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VBA Blogs: 'Do' You Want To 'Exit'?

23 March 2018

Last week this blog While Wend-ed down a loopy path, but now it is time to find better things to Do.

Do...Loop loops are considered the upgraded alternative to While Wend. Let’s have a look at how they work:

Do [{ While |Until } condition ]

[ statements ]

[ Exit Do ]

[ statements]


So how would the code change from a While Wend to a Do…Loop ?

Simple replace the While with Do While and Wend with Loop.

Do...Loop is superior to While Wend for a multitude of reasons.  Why is Do…Loop preferred?

Firstly, While Wend has no ability to have an Exit.  Let’s return to our Jack and Jill example.  What if the hill has 5 steps?  The condition for the loop could be altered to check CurrentStepsTaken before entering, but Do...Loop has the flexibility to break out with an Exit statement. Here, the subroutine can check if Jack & Jill fall down after they take a step. If they don’t fall down when they reach the top of the hill, then the print statements need to be changed accordingly:

Sub JackAndJillExit()

Dim CurrentStepsTaken As Integer

CurrentStepsTaken = 0

Dim FallenDown As Boolean

FallenDown = False

Do While FallenDown = False

    CurrentStepsTaken = CurrentStepsTaken + 1

    If Rnd() <= 0.3 Then

        FallenDown = True

    End If

    If CurrentStepsTaken = 5 Then

        Exit Do

    End If


Debug.Print CurrentStepsTaken & " step(s) up the hill were taken."

If FallenDown Then

    Debug.Print "Jack fell down the hill!"

    Debug.Print "Jill came tumbling after..."


    Debug.Print "Jack & Jill reached the top of the hill!"

End If

End Sub

Which results in:

They didn't fall down when they reached the top, but because they had reached the top we asked the program to exit as reaching the top was not part of our loop conditional expression.

Circle back week to find out the second reason why Do Loop’s are on top of While Wend on the loopy hill.