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Power Pivot Principles

Power Pivot Principles

Power Pivot Principles: Importing from an Access Database

13 February 2018

In this post, we discuss how to import data from an Access database.

Power Pivot Principles: Filtered Imports

6 February 2018

Today we look at filtering the data a little before importing it form Excel.

Power Pivot Principles: Importing Data from Excel

30 January 2018

Once data is loaded into Power Pivot it is unable to be changed from the Power Pivot window. To get around this issue, we can load data from Excel...

Power Pivot Principles: Importing Data

23 January 2018

Let's go through some of the different methods to import data...

Power Pivot Principles: Excel Compatibility

16 January 2018

Unfortunately, Power Pivot doesn’t work in all versions of Excel. We discuss Power Pivot’s compatibility with different versions of Excel...

Power Pivot Principles: Introduction

9 January 2018

Want to create a PivotTable where formatting “sticks” and data may be referenced from a myriad of various sources at the same time?