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Power Query: Get 2016 and Transform

1 November 2017

It’s time to move on...

Monday Morning Mulling: October Challenge

30 October 2017

Last Friday, we proposed one of the most puzzling challenges that we’ve had encountered so far, at last our solution...

Final Friday Fix: October Challenge

27 October 2017

Welcome to this month’s Final Friday Fix! This Friday it’s going to involve a lot of Power Query work...

Power Query: Managing Many Queries

25 October 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. This week I look at the options available to organise queries within a workbook.

A to Z of Excel Functions: the CORREL Function

23 October 2017

Do we need to corral you regarding CORREL? If you say no, we might get into a fight concerning the OK corral… Anyway…

Power Query: Initial Problems

18 October 2017

Welcome to our Power Query blog. This week let's look at how to convert names into an alternative format.

VBA Blog Series: The Value of Declaring Variables

13 October 2017

Take an in depth look of the good coding practice in declaring variables how it helps write better VBA code.

Power Query: If You Can’t Tell Them Apart, Join Them

11 October 2017

Sometimes, the tasks I have to do are less than thrilling...