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Power Query: Riveting Results Part 7

26 January 2022

Welcome to our Power Query blog. This week, I insert parameters from Excel cells into my query.

My salespeople are in self-isolation. This week, I continue looking at the exam results I created in Power Query: Riveting Results Part 1:

I will be grading the results, and I will be using this example to explore parameters. Last week, I defined named cells for the other grading bands and created queries for each band:

I will now apply these parameters to the Exam Results query and check that any changes to the Excel cells affect the outcome of the query.

I return to the Exam Results query.

The easiest way to change the query to use the Excel controlled parameters is by editing in the Advanced Editor, which I can access from the Home tab:

The ‘Assigned Grade’ step is changed from:

#"Assigned Grade" =

    Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type", "Grade", each

        if      [Result] > P_Grade_9 then 9

        else if [Result] > P_Grade_8 then 8

        else if [Result] > P_Grade_7 then 7

        else if [Result] > P_Grade_6 then 6

        else if [Result] > P_Grade_5 then 5

        else if [Result] > P_Grade_4 then 4

        else if [Result] > P_Grade_3 then 3

        else "Ungraded")


#"Assigned Grade" =

    Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type", "Grade", each

        if      [Result] > DP_Grade_9 then 9

        else if [Result] > DP_Grade_8 then 8

        else if [Result] > DP_Grade_7 then 7

        else if [Result] > DP_Grade_6 then 6

        else if [Result] > DP_Grade_5 then 5

        else if [Result] > DP_Grade_4 then 4

        else if [Result] > DP_Grade_3 then 3

        else "Ungraded")

This works because each ‘DP_’ query represents one value:

This currently has no effect on the results of the query, since the values are the same:

However, it does have an effect on the screen accessed by clicking on the cog (gear icon) next to the ‘Assigned Grade’ step:

Note that I cannot view the Value column now.  Any changes must be made directly to the M code, either from the Advanced Editor or the Formula Bar:

Back in Excel, if I change the Named cell Grade_3 from 30 to 20 percent, the outcome will change when I refresh the Exam Results query:

If I go back to Exam Results and view all the data, I can see that everyone has passed now!

Come back next time for more ways to use Power Query!