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XLOOKUP and XMATCH Now Across Office 365 Insider Fast

9 September 2019

The furore over newbie functions XLOOKUP and XMATCH continues unabated, as I think it’s fair to say, users are looking forward to these new functions even more than dynamic arrays.

Well, the wait takes a positive step forward.

The functions were released randomly to c.50% of Office 365 Insider Fast users. It is now believed – although not officially confirmed – that it has now been rolled out to all Office 365 Insider Fast users. This is great news as it takes everyone one step closer to them being released fully into the wild (i.e. they become “Generally Available”).

Just to be clear though: XLOOKUP and XMATCH will only be available to Office 365 users when circulated fully. It is not envisaged they will be in Office 2016 or Office 2019. But who knows? If everyone keeps making this much noise, you never know!

You can find out more about XLOOKUP and XMATCH

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