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Microsoft Tutorials for Excel 2016

3 January 2018

Not sure we should be writing about this, but we are keen advocates of learning Excel, data management and financial modelling. Therefore, it seems churlish if we don’t mention that Microsoft has added two Excel tutorials to Excel 2016 for those new to Excel:

  • Formula tutorial: This session introduces the concept of a function and steps through some of the more common ones, including everyone’s favourite (except us – we hate it), VLOOKUP. It’s not a bad start though
  • PivotTable tutorial: This file provides a step-by-step guide to >PivotTables. It’s not bad, but doesn’t mention Recommended PivotTables (highlight your data and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Q).

They’re easy to access in Excel 2016, simply select ‘File’ from the Ribbon and then click on ‘New’ in the backstage area.

We look forward to more in due course and hope that Microsoft doesn’t put us out of business!