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Power BI Blog: Page Navigator Visual

23 March 2023

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Power BI blog series.  This week, we review the Page Navigator visual.


You can now readily decide which report pages are visible within the Page navigator visual, should you wish to add it.  If you want to exclude specific pages, all you need to do is expand the Show card in the Pages section of the Formatting pane.  Here, you’ll see the list of pages that are not already hidden through the ‘Show hidden pages’ or ‘Show tooltip pages’ options.

All you need to do to hide specific pages is turn the toggle for that page to Off.

If you have many pages in your report that you want to hide within the Page navigator visual, it can be faster to instead just specify which ones you specifically want to show.  To do this, turn the ‘Show all by default’ toggle to Off in the Options card, which will immediately turn all pages within the Show card to Off.

From there, you can then go in and just turn back on the specific pages you want visible.

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