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Power BI Blog: Datamarts

14 July 2022

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Power BI blog series.  This week, we look at datamarts.


Datamarts in Power BI were officially announced in May 2022 as a new Power BI Premium self-service capability that enables you to perform relational database analytics and uncover actionable insights from their data.

You can now easily discover and connect to datamarts from the ‘Data hub’ within the Power BI Desktop Ribbon.  This feature allows users to discover datamarts that have already been created and reuse them to easily build reports.

You will be able to see datamarts that you have created or that have been shared with you by others in the organisation.  This will connect you to the datamart’s underlying auto-generated dataset (using live connect) so that you can easily create reports.

To create datasets on top of the datamart, you can use the Azure SQL database connector and specify the Datamart’s SQL connection string for Server name.  If you created the datamart, you can get the SQL Connection string from datamart settings (context menu action from the datamart in your workspace):

If this datamart was shared with you, you can get the SQL connection string from the Datamart info page below from the Data Hub (in Power BI Service) (see more on the Data Hub below).

Apparently, Microsoft has stated that the plan is to simplify the experience to connect to the datamart’s SQL endpoint so that advanced use cases may be served easily without the hassle of having to find the connection string.


Check back next week for more Power BI tips and tricks!