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Power BI Blog: Choosing Start-Up Content on Power BI Mobile

31 August 2023

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Power BI blog series.  This week, we look at how to set up start-up content on Power BI Mobile.


Power BI mobile application users may now choose which item they want to have open automatically whenever they launch the Power BI Mobile app.  This feature saves time for users who mostly view a specific item on their mobile app, and don’t want to waste time navigating from the app’s home page every time they open it.

To configure a launch item for yourself, open the item you want to see when you launch the app.  This can be a specific report page, dashboard, scorecard, report in an app or an entire app.  When the item is open, open the More options () menu from the header and select ‘Set as launch item’. This will mark the item as the launch item.  Only one item at a time may be marked as the launch item.

Administrators may also use Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to remotely configure a launch item for a group of users (front-line workers, for example) to simplify their experience with the app.

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