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SumProduct: Your financial modelling, Microsoft Excel and Power BI experts

Make your first decision your best decision!

Whenever your business has a decision to make, we're here to help.

We are Process Matter Experts, that means we can help you with all your business decisions. 

Whether they are critical, strategic, tactical, operational or planning decisions, we are expert in using a variety of tools and techniques including Excel, financial modelling, Power BI and more, to produce the best solution for you.

We work with you, the Subject Matter Experts, your business and industry, to positively and strategically collaborate in achieving your business goals and objectives in a timely manner.

Modelling is a critical component in all major business decisions 

Be it for financial modelling, investment appraisal, decision support or what-if analysis, you need business models you can rely upon. 

Just one modelling error has the potential to destroy significant business value and lead to incorrect actions being undertaken.

Based on our 100+ combined years of experience in modelling and training, the SumProduct team have developed a financial modelling ideology called CRaFT, read more

To view our range of modelling services, read more.

Training provided anywhere, anytime by any delivery format 

We have trainers based in Australia, USA and the UK and support organisations world-wide for all your business modelling, data minipulation and visualisation needs.

Our offerings:

In-house learning – tailored learning solutions, provided in-person or online     

Public in-person and virtual classrooms    

On-demand, interactive online learning courses    

Webinars and conferences - short presentation on specific topics

We speak the language of finance and accounting, that’s because we are finance and accounting professionals. Globally recognised specialists conducting training, not trainers teaching everyday Excel features and functionalities.

View the biographies of our senior facilitators and trainers to see for yourself.


Why partner with us?

Check out our ever-expanding range of thought leadership articles, blogs and YouTube videos.


Tailor your training with us.
Assess your team's capability against Best Practice in
financial modelling, Excel and Power BI.

Thought leadership

Publication of 10+ books, consultation / co-authoring of five different Best Practice modelling protocols,
circulation of over 4,000 articles on our website and the accounting / actuarial press.

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