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Powerful Data Modelling

If you have Microsoft Excel 2010 or later, you may not realise it but you have access to self-service Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) tools. Alongside MS Query, Excel has a suite of data interrogation tools that can put many expensive management information systems to shame.

SumProduct can help you unlock the power of ready-made analysis at your fingertips, developing financial models and dashboard summaries that analyse data from a multitude of sources which were previously never linked together. Simple to use and easy to customise, SumProduct can assist with your data modelling analysis in a way Excel was never able previously.

Useful tools include:

Power Query

  • Microsoft Power Query for Excel is an Excel COM add-in that simplifies data discovery, access and linking
  • Suddenly, you no longer need to be an IT expert to draw data from a myriad of sources and combine to understand trends and correlations
  • Users may extract and transform data as they see fit without affecting the integrity of the underlying sources

Power Pivot

  • Developed for Excel 2010 and enhanced for 2013, Power Pivot is a data analysis tool that delivers more computational power than Excel alone may utilise
  • Power Pivot is often known as “PivotTables on steroids” as you can link data from different sources using straightforward formulae and user-friendly links
  • Provides deeper business insight in a fraction of the time using familiar Excel tools
  • Users may transform data into vital information and load into Excel with ease for simple manipulation for business decision-making

Power Map

  • Power Map is a great new Excel feature for exploring map and time-based data
  • It can be used to summarise data obtained from Power Query and filtered via Power Pivot
  • Allows filtering and the creation of custom maps

Power View

  • Provides interactive dashboard summaries for all your reporting requirements and may incorporate maps, PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Updates instantly as underlying data is refreshed
  • Data may be drilled down upon with ease

Make your business more intelligent. Contact us for how Power BI may be implemented in your business today.