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6 November 2013

We thought we’d share this little gem with you that’s been doing the rounds around our office (or should that be “Office”?). As you may or may not know, the new Surface Pro 2 is out now and Microsoft has been going full tilt with the marketing campaigns, viz.

New Services Offered

2 November 2013

Apologies to our overseas readers and clients, but we’d like to perform a domestic plug! Although SumProduct works worldwide with our clients large and small, we have had a recent spate of requests for accounting and taxation services / queries back here in Oz. Never...

Office 2003 Terminated: Judgment Day Approaches

2 November 2013

Working with our clients worldwide, we still find there’s a significant number of people working with Excel / Office 2003. Microsoft is slowly starting to disengage from Office 2003. In fact if you are still using 2003 products, to ensure that you continue receiving...

Windows 8.1 Out Now

17 October 2013

As reported previously (see When They’re Cleaning Windows for more details), Microsoft’s first annual update in what it promised as a yearly release cycle for their operating systems has arrived for the Windows 8 desktop, tablet and Ultrabook. The download seeks to address some of the criticisms levelled at the original version of Windows 8, including restoring the start button and allowing a computer to boot up with the “traditional” desktop interface, bypassing the Metro-style Start screen.

Get Back in The Box

16 October 2013

Regular readers are probably getting rather bored with our running commentary on the trials and tribulations of picking up a copy of Power Pivot via the purchase of the Excel 2013 Standalone package.However, we have it on good authority now (i.e. from Microsoft) that...

No Souped-Up Excel For You!

12 September 2013

Sadly, we have to add a footnote to our recent news regarding Power Pivot being available via Excel 2013 Standalone. Some readers have contacted us to say that they have been unable to access this powerful Business Intelligence tool having purchased said software....

Power Maps: September Update

12 September 2013

We’ve talked about Power Maps (“The Artist Formerly Known As Geo Flow”) before (e.g. see Geo With The Flow), but hot off the press, we thought we’d pass on the latest update. Microsoft has announced that Power Map Preview, its final “V1 Preview”, has just been posted...

A Warm and Fuzzy Welcome

21 August 2013

Ever tried to connect two data sets where the identifier is not precisely the same for the two tables? If this strikes a familiar chord with you, you have probably tried to perform fuzzy matching, whereby modellers seek to link two similar data entries, e.g....

Excel Thinks Inside The Box

18 August 2013

It’s official. After months of needing a PhD in Astrophysics to work out which version of Office 2013 you might need, you can now easily purchase a retail SKU that includes Power Pivot and Power View. Excel 2013 Standalone SKU will now include the add-ins when...

When They’re Cleaning Windows

15 August 2013

Since its launch last October, Microsoft has sold more than 100 million licenses for Windows 8, despite its perceived slow adoption by industry analysts.Windows 8 was aimed at increasing Microsoft’s penetration into the fast-growing mobile segment by radically...