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August 2017 Updates for Get & Transform / Power Query Add-In

24 August 2017

We are suspecting these are beginning to taper off now, as the updates are becoming progressively more difficult to find and they are not being summarised in such detail (if the laws of grammar allow you to do such a thing!).Anyway, Microsoft has just released...

August 2017 Update for Power BI Desktop

14 August 2017

The Power BI Desktop juggernaut continued to speed forward at a rate of knots. Probably the key one this month (certainly many users have been excited about this since it was revealed at the Data Insights Summit) is the ability to interact with controls on a report...

Mac Can Run and Now IDE

4 August 2017

Microsoft has announced that the Visual Basic Development Editor is set to return to Office 2016 for Mac. This is a dramatic U-turn for the software giant as the current Visual Basic development environment is a little, er, “limited” to say the least.Within the next...

Get and Transform - Transformed July 2017

24 July 2017

Microsoft has just announced the latest major update to data import and shaping functionality in Excel. Now, Excel’s data import functionality has been "enhanced" (i.e. rearranged) on the Ribbon so that end users may find it easier to look for the right tools. Just...

July 2017 Update for Power BI Desktop Out Now

18 July 2017

July saw in the usual myriad of new updates for Power BI: it's clear the Power BI Desktop train is not slowing down anytime soon. There were many updates to reporting and data connectivity.

Excel User Voice Finds its Voice: Half-Term Report

18 July 2017

The website has been around a while now and it is clearly becoming more effective. The idea was that regular Excel users could suggest improvements to the world’s second-best software for anything and, if you get enough votes in the bag,...

Bringing Free (Down)Loaders to Book

13 July 2017

Microsoft's Eric Ligman, Director - Sales Excellence, has today announced their annual free Microsoft eBook giveaway. This year's event has more freebies than in any previous year. These books are on a range of Microsoft-related topics - and to our readers, the Excel...

MVP Lucky Seven

11 July 2017

SumProduct is pleased to announce that our MD, Liam Bastick, has been re-awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for a seventh successive time. This award continues to recognise exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who...

June 2017 Updates for Get & Transform / Power Query Add-In

3 July 2017

Well better late than never... Microsoft claims they got these out in June - but we've only heard about them in early July! For this month's updates for Get & Transform (Excel 2016) / Power Query (Excel 2010 and 2013), there's eight new updates. Come on guys, are...

Power BI Announcements

29 June 2017

Microsoft has issued a summary graphic showing what's available now and what's coming in the next Quarter in Power BI. Apparently, it was presented in one of the keynote sessions at the recent Data Insights Summit. We thought we would share it with you.