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Year in Review 2017 Power BI Competition

4 January 2018

The Microsoft Data Journalism Program and Power BI teams have just announced that they are accepting submissions for the Power BI “2017 Year in Review” Data Story Contest. For all you budding Power BI-ers out there (look it up, it isn’t a word), they want to see your best Power BI work as you share a story, illustrated through data, of something fascinating that occurred in 2017. It might be the exponential growth of your fabulous beer mat collection or pictorially analysing the trends between world leader tweets, popularity contests and nuclear missile launches.

The grand prize winner of this contest will walk away with a powerful new Microsoft Surface Pro.

The guidelines are simple: they want to see the most interesting interactive visualisations you can produce to tell an “engaging and timely” story about something that happened in 2017, using your Power BI skills. Do make sure it’s a publicly shareable dataset, and they stress be creative: anything from 2017 is “fair game”.

For more details on how to enter, the ground rules and closing date, check out the Power BI blog here.

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