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Workbook Statistics Comes to Insider Fast

1 January 2020

Happy New Year – and happy new Excel! To celebrate the start of the third decade, Microsoft has gone “in with the new” in Excel – well the Office 365 Insider Fast variant anyway.

Check out the new Workbook Statistics feature (located on the Insert tab in the Proofing group, ALT + R + B), which provides information for both the selected worksheet (if you have more than one selected, it’s the one you can see) and the associated workbook. It's like a mini Spreadsheet Inquire.

Current data includes:

  • where the end of the sheet is located
  • how many cells contain data
  • number of Excel Tables (CTRL + T)
  • number of PivotTables
  • number of formulae
  • number of charts
  • number of objects
  • how many worksheets there are
  • number of macros.

Yes, there are some things we’d like to see (number of unique formulae, number of hidden sheets, distinction between charts and PivotCharts) and some we’d rather not (apparently there is a macro in a brand new .xlsx workbook?), but that’s what Insider Fast is all about. Suck it and see: if it sucks, you’ll see, and they’ll fix it! This is all part of the great new dawn for Office. Take a look for yourself.