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Windows 10 Insider Program: Security Updates Ending for Early Editions

20 December 2017

Do be aware that if you have subscribed to the Windows Insider Program, you may be at risk if you haven’t updated your PC in a while. Support for early versions of Windows 10 has now ended. This means any PCs running these versions no longer receive security updates. And that’s not a good thing!

Microsoft offers a tool to check whether you are running the latest version of Windows 10. You can download the Windows 10 Update Assistant here. It does not support those running Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, but for the rest of us mere mortals, make sure that you have administrator rights to your machine and that it has the latest Windows updates (we thought it was supposed to be checking for that!?).

Microsoft states that the Update Assistant assists with the installation of the latest version of Windows (probably a misnomer if it didn’t) and will also:

  • scan your PC to ensure it’s ready for updates
  • determines which version of Windows you’re currently running
  • provides guidance if adjustments to your settings are identified
  • keeps your current files, apps, and settings intact during installation
  • apparently works with virtually any PC, laptop or tablet (“virtually” is an interesting choice of word…).

Whether you decide to update is up to you. SumProduct does not imply / advocate explicitly or implicitly that you should update your system(s) and no responsibility will be accepted for any actions taken and any adverse consequences. However, you should be aware that security updates are no longer issued for older versions and this should be taken into account when making a decision.