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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

16 August 2016

We mentioned recently that it was Windows 10’s first birthday. Well… it bought itself a present and came up with an “anniversary update”.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update begins rolling out in early August for customers around the world and contains features / improvements with Windows Ink, Cortana, gaming and more:

  • Windows Ink: available for the first time with this update, Windows Ink lets you quickly and easily take notes, sketch on a screenshot or draw out an idea. You can even use sticky notes! You can learn more about Windows Ink in this blog post here
  • Improvements to security: this update brings new improvements to Windows Defender, the free anti-malware service and introduces Windows Hello features for better security with Windows apps and Microsoft Edge (is there any security on this browser presently?) Check out more here
  • Better Microsoft Edge: like having a better way to die (!), this update provides power saving improvements to elongate your PC’s battery life. There’s even Anniversary Update Microsoft Edge Extensions available in the Windows Store, such as Pinterest Pin It Button, Amazon Assistant, AdBlock, Adblock Plus and LastPass. You can find out more here
  • Cortana improves: Cortana will now be available above your lock screen so you can do things like ask questions, play music from your PC or set a reminder without unlocking your device. Cortana can also save and recall key information across your devices. Find out more here
  • Gamer benefits: a bit out of scope for our website we know, but just how much Solitaire can you play when the boss isn’t looking? Combined with Cortana, more voice commands are becoming available
  • New education features: now this is where it gets more interesting. Subscribers can enjoy a range of new education features in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, including faster, simpler set up with all new tools to help educators get up and running quickly and the “Take a Test” app that creates a browser-based, locked down environment for more secure online assessments. To learn more click here
  • New Skype preview: Skype Preview for Windows 10 PCs has been redesigned for Windows 10 and will come installed automatically with the Anniversary Update (yup, something else you won’t be able to get rid of…). You can learn more here.

Microsoft has gone to great pains to emphasise that this Windows 10 Anniversary Update is their most reliable update yet, with the focus on improvements to help your PC work better and last longer. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has already started, but if you are the sort of crazy person that can’t wait, you can get it sooner by visiting here.

Now, how many IT technicians are presently off to purchase razor blades..?