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The Future’s Mapped Out..?

13 June 2015

It’s come to our attention that back in late May previous incarnations of the Excel COM add-in Power Map Preview for Excel 2013 “expired” and will no longer work on any version of Excel.

A new (final?) preview version is available for download here. If you installed the earlier version, uninstall it from Control Panel, then download and install the current version of the Power Map Preview. Once you have installed it, if it appears greyed out on the Ribbon, de-activate and re-activate the COM add-in.

This version has the same functionality as the version of Power Map that was released with Microsoft Office 365 SP1. Although feature and performance enhancements for Power Map will continue to be released for the Microsoft Office 365 subscription plans, Microsoft has stated that there are no future plans to update the downloadable Power Map Preview.

It should be noted that if you have a subscription for Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, you will continue to have access to Power Map for Excel as part of the self-service business intelligence tools. Whenever any new Power Map features and performance enhancements are released, you’ll get them as part of your subscription plan. Office 2013 Professional Plus on the other hand…