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Sooner Rather Than Later

1 June 2015

Windows 10 is coming sooner than first thought. Microsoft has announced that PCs and tablets running the software would go on sale from Wednesday 29 July (why midweek, we don’t know), at which point the operating system would also be offered as a free download to existing users. The roll-out of the product for smartphones, Xbox games consoles and other accessories “…will follow later”.It is fair to say that Windows 8 and the updated 8.1 have not been received as well as the software giant might have hoped, with many deciding not to update to its touch-centric user interface. The company has seemingly acknowledged this with the return of some of the more popular Windows 7 features (like being able to find the off switch?).New additions are set to include:

  • the new Edge browser allows users to annotate web pages
  • the integration of the company’s voice-controlled virtual assistant, Cortana (not Clippy!) – which was previously restricted to Microsoft’s phones
  • a new app that allows video games to be streamed to a PC or tablet from an Xbox, vital for all you Excel enthusiasts out there, we’re sure.

The early release comes as much of a surprise to many as it was expected that the launch of the product would not happen until later in the year.