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ModelOff 2016

2 August 2016

ModelOff has just announced the dates for the 2016 ModelOff "World Championship", with Round 1 kicking off on Saturday 22 October.

We still think it's slightly aimed at the aggressive end of financial modelling (effectively, have you tried coding with boxing gloves?), this competition purports to find the champion financial modeller of 2016. It seeks out a combination of (arguably some subjective) financial modelling, accounting, mathematical and statistical skills with an emphasis on speed, aimed at young professionals / students (that rules us out then).

Nevertheless, it would be churlish not to mention anything that advances the cause of financial modelling recognition and makes one lucky entrant a little richer. For more information on registering, please visit the ModelOff website. For modelling tips and tricks in the meantime, keep checking out our Thought section and Excel Tip of the Day.

SumProduct's Liam Bastick was at the wash-up dinner in London last year and you never know, one of us might be there again this year (who knows?).