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May 2019 Updates for Power BI Report Server

25 May 2019

The latest release has many reporting features, including conditional formatting for titles and other visual objects, the 'Performance Analyzer' pane and accessibility support for visuals. The new Modeling (sic) view is also featured in this release.

Here's the complete list:


  • Cross-highlight on a single point in line charts
  • Word wrap on titles
  • Update default visual interaction to cross-filter
  • Rounded corners for visual borders
  • Single select slicer
  • Heat map support for Bing maps
  • Cross-highlight by axis labels
  • Default ToolTip formatting
  • Static web URL support for buttons, shapes and images
  • Page alignment options
  • Selection pane improvements
  • Formatting updates for maps
  • Accessible visual interaction
  • Conditional formatting for visual titles
  • Conditional formatting for web URL actions for buttons, shapes and images
  • 'Performance Analyzer' pane
  • Table and matrix keyboard navigation
  • Line data table position control
  • KPI visual indicator text size control


  • Show dates as a hierarchy now Generally Available


  • New Modeling view Generally Available
  • New DAX functions
  • Update to the ALLSELECTED DAX function
  • Disable auto-date tables for new reports.

As always, we'll be detailing these updates in our next (July) newsletter. Please remember we have training in Power BI which you can find out more about here. If you are not already a subscriber, why not sign up at the bottom of any SumProduct web page? And don't forget to download the latest version of Power BI Desktop here too.