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March 2022 Updates for Excel for the Web

22 March 2022

It really seems that the Microsoft Excel team has got its programming claws well and truly into the interwobble version.  Excel for the Web has had further improvements this month:

  • new Conditional Formatting experience
  • Function library
  • new Filter menu
  • Insert Slicer 
  • Insert online pictures.

We take a quick look below.

New Conditional Formatting Experience

The new Conditional Formatting capabilities allow for simpler management, editing and creating formatting rules in Excel for the Web.  Conditional formatting remains on the Home tab:

Clicking on this button activates the dropdown menu:

This acts in a similar way to its desktop counterpart, save for ‘Manage Rule”, which activates the ‘Conditional Formatting’ pane, viz.

Once you have decided on your selection, the ‘+’ button allows you to create a rule where you may select your range

and your rule type

From then on, it works very similarly to Excel Desktop.

Function Library

Many users rely on the function library to help find and identify the right function to use.  This update brings Excel’s familiar formula library to the web.  

New Filter Menu

Filtering data is now easier and more convenient too:

Insert Slicer

We are pretty confident many of you will like this feature, as Slicers may now be added for PivotTables (Slicers for Tables do not yet appear to be supported).  Simply click on your PivotTable and then go to the context specific tab 

Insert Online Pictures

You may now find high-quality images from Microsoft Stock images and add them to your worksheet (use the categories on the ‘Stock images’ window to filter out the images as you need).  Stock Images also provides you with Cutout People and Stickers on Excel for the Web.  You can also search Stock Images, Cutout people and Stickers using keywords in the Search bar.  You can select multiple images across all categories and insert them onto the Excel worksheet.  

Bing Pictures search is now available on Excel for the Web.  Here, you may search for a picture on the web using keywords or use the prepopulated picture categories.  You can select multiple pictures and insert them onto the Excel worksheet.    

More improvements soon, we’re sure!