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March 2021 Updates for Power BI

4 March 2021

This month saw Microsoft continue its work on the ongoing previews of DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services, Small Multiples and the Model View User Interface. Furthermore, Microsoft has made it easier to specify filters in the DAX CALCULATE function. On the Power BI Service side, when you click on a dataset in the workspace list view you will be taken to the new dataset details page, which includes information about when the report was last refreshed as well as actions such as creating a new report.

Here is the full list of March updates:


  • DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services (Preview)
  • Advanced Data Selection in Azure Maps Visual
  • Color Picker Updates
  • Updates to new Field List (Preview)
  • Word-wrap in Small Multiples titles (Preview)
  • Updates to background settings on Small Multiples (Preview)


  • x-axis constant line for line charts


  • Model View UI (Preview)
  • CALCULATE filters now easier to use

Data connectivity

  • Kerberos-based SSO for Denodo
  • Certified Connectors


  • Featured content on Home Updates
  • View dataset details from Workspace List view
  • Filter apps gallery to view only endorsed apps


  • New visuals
  • SMART KPI List by Nova Silva
  • Comparison Chart
  • Combo Bar PRO Visual

Template Apps

  • Download PBIX files for installed template apps
  • Analyze Popular Stocks with Power BI
  • Facebook Ads Overview Report by


  • The new Power BI embedded analytics playground
  • Power BI Embedded Generation 2 (Preview)
  • Power BI embedded analytics new Contoso demo
  • New Client API documentation


  • Windows 7 Deprecation
  • Certificate revocation check controls now available in Desktop interface
  • External Tools integration in Desktop Generally Available
  • Desktop change log.

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