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Mac Can Run and Now IDE

4 August 2017

Microsoft has announced that the Visual Basic Development Editor is set to return to Office 2016 for Mac. This is a dramatic U-turn for the software giant as the current Visual Basic development environment is a little, er, “limited” to say the least.

Within the next few months (with an Insider Fast edition due shortly), a new update will be released, including the full editor, multiple code windows, breakpoints, watches and the Object Browser. As a pre-cursor, Microsoft has released a short YouTube video to mark the occasion, which actually demonstrates one or two visual bugs they “…haven’t resolved yet”!

It should be noted that this release will not include the Forms Designer, although that functionality is intended to be brought back to Office for Mac at a later date. Further, this editor will only be available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint; there are no plans to (re)introduce it to OneNote and Outlook for Mac.