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Lifetime Achievement Award

28 June 2021

Even if it does appear to mean blowing smoke up our own proverbials, we have some great news! Congratulations to SumProduct’s very own Liam Bastick who won the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award at last week’s Financial Modelling Summit 2021, held in London. Hey, if you cannot celebrate your own achievements, what can you do..?

Liam stated that he had “…been nervous about getting something called a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award…”, stating that he was “…scared people [would think he was] over the hill, … about to get [a] gold watch and be put out to be pasture before being shot…”. Yup, sounds like Liam. On behalf of SumProduct, he announced that to counter this, we will be introducing financial modelling for Power BI – not importing a model and presenting it, but actually building it too – very shortly. There is life in us old dogs yet.

The award is fantastic recognition for both SumProduct and Liam, who emphasised that he still had plenty to give the financial modelling community and would not be going “gently into the night” anytime soon. But he thanks the judges all the same.

You can watch the whole awards video at And watch out – financial modelling in Power BI is coming very soon…