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Excel User Voice Finds its Voice: Half-Term Report

18 July 2017

The website has been around a while now and it is clearly becoming more effective. The idea was that regular Excel users could suggest improvements to the world’s second-best software for anything and, if you get enough votes in the bag, Microsoft would sit up and take notice. Consequently, the first six months of 2017 has seen the following suggestions actioned:

  • Personalise the default PivotTable layout (votes at time of printing: 561)
  • Copy-Paste Clipboard Persistence (224 votes)
  • Add Superscript and Subscript Icons (372 votes)
  • Co-authoring (215 votes)
  • Pictures in the Header or Footer in Excel for Mac (698 votes)
  • Page Break Preview in Excel for Mac (42 votes)
  • Create and Modify Freeze Panes in Excel Online (161 votes)
  • Select All in Excel Online (175 votes)
  • Format Painter in Excel Online (154 votes)
  • Find and Replace in Excel Online (333 votes)
  • Add Support for Shapes in Excel Online (68 votes)
  • Apple Pencil with Excel for iPad and iPhone (17 votes)
  • New Excel 2016 Functions to be included in Excel for iPad and iPhone (3 votes)
  • Add a Number Keypad in Excel for Android (24 votes)

So far so good. You can read more about these improvements in the upcoming August newsletter - if you are not already a subscriber, feel free to join our happy band at the foot of this page.

But how long for our suggestion? When will AutoSave be able to toggled on or off rather than be set to a default of On? Microsoft, we're still here and we are still hassling...